The Best Features Of Honduran Cigars

cigarThere are many high quality cigars on the market, but some are better than others. Hondurans are often considered to be the best ones to get. If you’re interested in smoking a Honduran cigar, then you should know what some of the best features are. Some of the tops features will be discussed below.

Flavorful Tobacco

Honduran cigars feature flavorful tobacco. The cigars are known for their bold flavors, as well as for blends such as Camacho Corojo and Alec Bradley Prensado. In fact, both of those types are considered to be some of the best handmade cigars in the world. Also, many people describe the flavor as being spicy. If you enjoy spicy tasting tobacco, then you cannot go wrong with a Honduran cigar. With various types of blends, finding one that suits your taste buds should be easy.

The Build

Hondurans are known for having a strong and sturdy build. When you light up a Honduran, you can rest assure it won’t fall apart on you in the middle of smoking it. You can take your time smoking it and not have to worry about it falling apart. Some manufactures produce cigar products that fall apart shortly after smoking them, but this is rarely the case with Honduran cigar products.

The Size

Some Hondurans are known for their size, and this includes the Alec Bradley Texas Lancero Cigar, which measures at 7″ by 70 ring gauge. Many Hondurans are known for being large, but this is a good feature. In fact, it is one of the best features of Hondurans. However, even though they are known for their size, Hondurans are easy to grip and hold, so you shouldn’t struggle to maintain your grip while you smoke them.

Hondurans are known for their flavorful tobacco, their build and their size. Those are also some of the best features of Honduran cigars. There are many other great features they are known for. These features include an easy draw, as well as good look. In fact, many people have mentioned how Honduran cigars look. Go ahead of order Hondurans today and find out for yourself why they are the best cigars around.


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